Accounting Tips for SaaS Startups

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a business model focused on the delivery of software. And like any business, it has needs in accounting to make that business model run efficiently. Knowing where to start with accounting for your SaaS startup can be a difficult thing to wrap your head around. It doesn’t help thatContinue reading “Accounting Tips for SaaS Startups”

The Most Important Accounting Reports for Small Businesses

Keeping detailed records is imperative for any business, let alone small businesses that can live and die on the smallest of factors. What you might not know is that there are many more benefits that small business accounting can bring to the table. Having the right accounting reports at your disposal can be a hugeContinue reading “The Most Important Accounting Reports for Small Businesses”

Tips for Hiring an Accountant

It should go without saying, but every dollar can matter for business owners. Not knowing where your business stands on a monthly basis can be the death knell for your business as a whole. And while it might save you some money to do the bookkeeping yourself, it might also be holding you back. ThatContinue reading “Tips for Hiring an Accountant”

The Benefits of Keeping Updated Accounting Records

Accounting records might seem like a tedious and unnecessary thing, but they are actually essential for your business. Without those detailed records, any decision made regarding your business as a whole will just be a guess. Guessing is simply not the way to run a business. There is far too much room for error, andContinue reading “The Benefits of Keeping Updated Accounting Records”

Guarantors for your business finance application

Business Finance, supported with a legal charge over a guarantors property. A guarantor who offers a legal charge over their property is a potential means of securing business finance when your company is unable to provide security itself or is suffering financial circumstances that may discourage funders. When someone agrees to act as a securedContinue reading “Guarantors for your business finance application”

Business Finance for Emergencies

How to get emergency business finance When a business is suffering from hard times, or struggling to even keep trading, it shouldn’t mean the end is near — far from it!!! Cashflow shortage? Even the savviest of business owners may not know the array of finance options available in the current market, and since high-streetContinue reading “Business Finance for Emergencies”

Financing Start Ups and Established Businesses

Nationwide Corporate Finance can release funds to your business for any you to use for any purpose. Within this guide you’ll find advice on the following types of costs incurred in setting up a business from scratch and also for those regular costs all businesses incur: The definition of start-up costs Fixed business costs –Continue reading “Financing Start Ups and Established Businesses”

What Is Account-Based Marketing?

Marketing’s goal has traditionally been to make anyone and everyone that might be interested in your service or product aware of your company. This leads to the obvious caveat that not all companies are created equally. Large companies can afford to market with a broad brush in an attempt to reach more of the marketplace.Continue reading “What Is Account-Based Marketing?”

Faster Business Finance

Nationwide Finance can arrange business finance faster to fund short-term cash flow problems, providing companies with essential working capital, thus relieving any immediate cash flow pressure.  These business facilities can be for between £10,000 and as much as £500,000 and payment can often be made into your company’s account the same day. Cash Flow ProblemsContinue reading “Faster Business Finance”

Small Business Finance for Cash Injection

As any small business owner will tell you, business health is never assured. One month you can be flying, the next counting your petty cash to make ends meet. Fact is, even if you have a pretty good handle of your finances, something can always come up that’ll put you on yellow alert. An unpaidContinue reading “Small Business Finance for Cash Injection”

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